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Guanajuato Tourism

Guanajuato is immensely popular with Mexican tourists visiting the area due to its historic relevance and past. These make up 95% of the state’s tourists. The rest from other countries but, over the past few years, increased interest from abroad is slowly increasing the amount of international tourists to the state. The three main cities […]


Handcrafts Route | Ruta Artesanal

The Handcrafts Route or Ruta Artesanal unites a number of interesting municipalities which specialize in specific or numerous handcrafted items, including artisan food produce which is particularly unique and delicious. These include the bread from Acámbaro, wool items from Coroneo and ornate ceramics from Tarancuaro.


Monastery Route | Ruta de los Conventos

The Monastery Route or Ruta de los Conventos is focused on the south of the state where numerous religious outposts and buildings were constructed in the early colonial period for worshipping and evangelization. The Church of Agustino de San Pablo and Monastery is found in Yuriria and built by the Augustinians who came from the […]


Independence Route | Ruta de la Independencia

The most popular route is the Ruta de la Independencia or Independence Route which comprises ten municipalities through which the insurgent army under Miguel Hidalgo traversed. These notably embrace San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Leon, Irapuato, Penjamo, Salamanca, Celaya, Salvatierra, Acambaro and the San Agustín de Yuriria Convent, founded by the Augustinians in […]


Adventure Route | Ruta de Aventura

Another popular route is the Ruta de Aventura which links the ghost towns and abandoned mines with some excellent areas for hiking, mountain biking and ATV and other extreme sports such as mountaineering, free falling and paragliding. One of the abandoned towns is Mineral de Pozos in the northeast of Guanajuato. The township still has […]


Archeological Route | Ruta Arqueologica

The Archeological Route or Ruta Arqueológica joins the four pre-Hispanic settlements of Plazuelas and Peralta. Further to the east on the Archeological Route you´ll find La Virgen de la Cañada in San Miguel de Allende and El Cóporo in Ocampo make up the four settlements on this two.